Jan 12, 2020

Brain Surgery – Brain Tumor And Neurosurgery Resources

The purpose of this website is to provide clear, understandable, non-technical information about the medical conditions that usually require brain surgery, as well as information about the techniques and skills needed for successful surgery on the brain. In this way, we hope to help you understand your or your loved one’s medical condition and also help you ask the most appropriate questions of the brain surgeon(s) and other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Of all the medical skills, performing brain surgery is perhaps the most demanding, requiring a unique combination of training, skill, dexterity, stamina. You can read more information on our Introduction to Brain Surgery and look further back in time at the History of Brain Surgery.

The methods used in Neurology have dramatically changed during modern times, especially the equipment used for diagnosis and for treatment. In addition to improved diagnostic and treatment, today’s brain surgeons and doctors now have a better understanding of the side effects of brain surgery, which in turn has helped patients deal with the possible consequences of being diagnosed with a tumor or having to undergo brain surgery operation.

The website is divided into sections: Stroke, Benign Brain Tumors, Malignant Brain Tumors, Patient Experiences, and Introduction to Brain Surgery. Within these sections you’ll find more options for deeper exploration, such as the History of Brain Surgery, Side Effects of Brain Surgery and Brain and Spinal Cord Surgery.

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The Patient Experience


Benign Brain Tumors

Visual Slide-Film Gallery of Brain & Spine Operations